New Year's Resolution Prep Sale!!

The change you are looking for is closer than you know. The new year is right around the corner and so is the “new you”. 

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas?  Are you looking a place to start the New Year off?  Either way, Crossfit 706 has you covered. 
A limit of 10 of each are available (Please call for current availability):

3 months unlimited upfront
$115 x 3 = $345 ($90 savings)

6 months unlimited upfront 
$100 x 6 = $600 ($270 savings)

12 months unlimited upfront
$85 x 12 = $1020 ($720 savings)

$99 - Punch Card with 13 visits to CrossFit Classes
(Regular daily drop in rate $10/class)
**45 day expiration**

$75 - 1 month of Adventures of Eating
(lifestyle coaching for dietary needs:
1 initial consultation & 2 accountability check-ins)

With Christmas and the new year just weeks away, you can surprise someone special or treat yourself to the gift of health & wellness 

Don't just take our word for it. Watch Scott's Story!